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To figure out the visual design of the new Star Wars characters, Kaplan spent many hours in George Lucas' archives, but he also applied lessons he picked up from working on Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. Abrams' Star Trek reboots, as well as decades of other popular films like Fight Club, Armageddon and Flashdance.

For Star Wars, he took "old military gas masks, and tubes and hoses" and revamped them, he tells Vanity Fair. With data-driven artwork dedicated to, as he says, "using design in poetic ways, to humanize data and technology for a more empathetic society," Ijeoma is driven as much by purpose as by creativity.

Follow Waris Ahluwalia’s sartorial and philanthropic adv Brexit, Salman Khan, Trump trolls, Kanye and Mindy - a lot of things had us thinking, "What the F***" this past week. Hosts: Nimritta Parmar, On the second episode of the Jugni Style Podcast, we chat with dhol player Malinder Tooray and DJ Maieli (Bianca Maieli), who talk about what it's like being queer and South Asian, the meaning of love, and desi music.

Host: Manjot Bains Editing and Post-p Canadian hip hop artist Horsepowar chats with Jugni Style about her SXSW debut, working with South Asian artists like Kay Ray and Babbu the Painter, and her Bolly woes.

House of Waris came into being after the owners of Maxfield's in Los Angeles noticed Ahluwalia's elaborate diamond rings and placed an order, which sold out.

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A while back, American cartoonist Vishvajit Singh deicided to dispel some of the myths, ignorance and intolerance that surrounds the Sikh turban, which often gets mistaken for turbans worn by extremists.

Earlier this month, the Brooklyn-based designer released his latest creation, Look Up, a "participatory public art app" that's meant to get New Yorkers to look up from their phones when they near intersections.

The app, which is currently available only on Android as a Live Wallpaper, uses crash, injury and fatality data from NYC's Division of Transportation road safety project, Vision Zero to make users aware of the "human energy loss from crashes" and to look up from their phones through vibrations and visual cues. "All my work is a search for truth, search for a story, search for connecting with one's self and the other," says the multitalented and infallibly stylish Ahluwalia.

Last year he was a part of Gap’s “Make Love” ad campaign which made international headlines when a billboard of the ad was vandalised at a subway station.

Vandals wrote “Make Bombs” crossing out the word “love” and added “Please stop driving taxis”.


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