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" was Quivers' first thought, an idea she found sufficiently hilarious to share with Stern on the phone. The problem, she learned, was a cancerous mass pressing on her bladder.During the surgery, doctors were initially pessimistic as they discovered how far the cancer had spread.“At first maybe they thought it was ovarian cancer,” Quivers said, stunning listeners.

Robin Ophelia Quivers was born on August 8, 1952, in Pikesville, Maryland, to Louise and Charles Quivers, a homemaker and a steelworker. “I’ve been on [Howard’s] show a bunch of times since and it’s all good. I’m on the road 15, 17 days of the month, so it’s tough to have something normal. But my career, I always put that first and unfortunately that f— up a lot of relationships. ” Click here to hear Jim Florentine’s full interview.In an unexpected twist on Howard Stern’s Sirius satellite show Monday morning, the Shock Jock’s beloved sidekick Robin Quivers finally revealed why she’s been physically absent from the studio for the last 15 months.When a caller asked when Quivers would be back in the booth instead of phoning in from home, Stern and Quivers began an emotional conversation that had fans riveted for 90 minutes.Quivers said she lost all her hair and at times thought she was about to die. J., where she has a home, told [email protected] she looked “frail.” Stern acted as her rock off the air, assuring her that no matter what changes she had to make — like wearing a colostomy bag — she’d find a way to live.


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