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If you scroll through TUN discounts, you will see that the Make your date feel like a superstar by mingling with superstars…or, well, their wax figures at least.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Times Square is the perfect place to take selfies with Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston and Johnny Depp (swoon) and show off your celebrity knowledge. Diane Cardoso is a writer who enjoys pug puppies and long walks through New York City.

Although it’s hot, hot, hot on the Caribbean island, a date there may be anything but.

So when Andre, a salesman, moved to New York City from Jamaica about three years ago, he quickly learned the new meaning of a “date.” “Back home, a date is just going out with someone — watching a movie, hanging out, getting food — and that’s it,” says the 32-year-old Canarsie resident, who declined to give his last name for professional reasons.

If Carrie Bradshaw was a real person and a broke college student today, I think her relationship advice would look a lot like this.

If there’s a special guy or gal in your life that you’ve been dying to take on a date, get ready to text them because here are: Oh em gee, remember when Steve and Miranda reunited on the Brooklyn Bridge and totally embraced and loved each other forever!? To those who haven’t watched the Sex and the City movie, you have no clue what I’m talking about. Although a donation is suggested, you can waltz right into this humongous zoo (it’s over 260 acres) for free on Wednesdays and look at the 4,000 animals. How cool would you be if you told someone you and your date were hanging out with Jimmy Fallon on your first date?! You just stand in line the night of the show or register online to be part of the audience.

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When it comes to exclusivity, he says here “you just assume that the other person is dating around, whereas that nonexclusive thing doesn’t fly in Australia.” There’s really no such thing as the three-day rule in Greece, says Maria Avgitidis, referring to the time you’re traditionally supposed to wait before calling or texting after meeting someone.

In response, Daniel Waxman of Bryan Cave LLP requested permission Friday to file a 30-page memorandum in support of Grindr’s motion to dismiss the complaint.

I was part of the generation of young women who lived and breathed by the lessons of Sex and the City, so I was of the delusional notion that I’d land my very own Mr. It wasn’t necessary to my existence, but definitely something I wanted.

“There’s no conversation around like ‘What is this?

’” Often, people meet through friends, even with online dating: “In Greece now, people meet through mutual friends on Facebook, not dating apps,” she says.


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