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It is mostly used by gamers to communicate and businesses for feature-rich collaboration among partners and co-workers in order to cut down communication cost. Team Speak has been around for quite some time and is one of the leaders in voice collaboration, along with competitors Ventrilo and Mumble Audio. If you are a non-profit organization (like a group of gamers, a religious or social organization, a club etc.), you can have, upon registration 512 user slots for free.

But then, you will need to host your own server, which will need to be always on and connected.

Else, you need to rent the service from Authorised Team Speak Host Providers (ATHPs), which are companies that buy licenses from and pay fees to Team Speak and sell the service to users.

These ATHPs take care of the hosting and service and all it takes, and you pay a monthly fee depending on the amount of users you want to have in your group.

NETproggy is free, I tested it with a 4sec sample, worked good.. Make sure to install the XVID codec inside the zip file, unless you already have one installed.edit-- saw you need to stitch them together. you may need to convert to avi first, then get another prog to stitch them..

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I have some old videos that I transferred from VHS to DVD. I need to combine them into one file that is youtube friendly.

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It is no longer compatible with previous versions and requires an update of servers aswell. It supports TS files and it can take multiple videos and stitch them together using the "append" function under File menu. use luck-j Avidemux is probably the simplest approach around.Among most MMOs (massive multiplayer online games such as Guild Wars 2, or World of Warcraft) Teamspeak is widely used so it's likely other players already use it and won't need to download a new program.There are also many knowledge and help articles available online. this adds flexibility, and can clarify information if somebody has a very poor connection, or a very thick accent.This article compares video converters that have their own article on Wikipedia.


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