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He and his wife, Peri, had been planning this ski trip weekend for a month now.

Actually, the plan was more for a dirty weekend at the resort, with maybe a little skiing done in between.

"And here's you cruller, babe." Spencer handed another donut to his wife as he climbed into the car, brushing the accumulation of snow off his shoulders. We better get going before it gets worse." "Here's your coffee, Mom." Peri turned in the seat and handed one of the cups back to her mother, and set Spencer's and hers in the cup holders in the front console.

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In May the Center and other groups filed a lawsuit challenging Trump's April 28 executive order, which intends to revoke permanent protections for most of the Beaufort Sea and all of the Chukchi Sea from new offshore oil and gas drilling.

The international fur market has boomed recently, largely driven by demand in China, Russia and Europe.

"The United States exports a shocking number of animals trapped and killed for their fur each year," said Sarah Uhlemann, our international program director.

Fish and Wildlife Service allows about 80,000 animals that have been trapped and killed in the United States to be exported every year?

This week the Center for Biological Diversity sued the Service with the goal of reducing the number of animals killed.


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