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Naturally, when legal proceedings are raging, some of us may ask ourselves which is worse for the one left behind – death or divorce.

These may be inevitable comparisons, but the bottom line is this: All losses are not created equal, and that holds true for both divorce and widowhood.

Now take the next step and get some detail about your partner’s character with the help of this zodiac sign.

It seemed off, i inquired and voila the long-winded explanation about how he “acquired” it unconventionally because the government should actually pay for it but they don’t and that he was also against pulp plantations. If orgasm delivery quotas were not met, there would be an existential crisis.

Sometimes he covers his feelings with his sense of humor.

This causes him to have melancholy behavior, practicality, and serious intent.

Moreover, termination of a marriage by divorce is frequently accompanied by argument, acrimony, and alienation of friends or family. In addition, one or both spouses in divorcing couples may face dramatic financial losses.

Again, this is typically not so in the case of a deceased spouse, though medical expenses can alter any such assumption.


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