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The 35th International Cherry Blossom starts Friday in Macon featuring 10 days of fun, food, games and music.

Billed the "Pinkest Party on Earth" there's something for everyone.

I contacted the company about that and they were very interested. It was in 1995 and there were maybe just two companies that had an Internet personals presence at that time. Another friend of mine, Lee Zehrer, had a company called Foreign Relations for Russians. But I stayed focused on the international business.

So I put together a little plan and decided to move to Hawaii and see what I could do. Because they had a good revenue stream coming from the magazine, I didn't want to cut that off. Then people started to register, and we started to develop communication devices, such as sending emails. How would you define Cherry Blossoms fit in the market?

They got very good responses from those ads, and started thinking that this could be turned into a business. The company got me very interested so I got their magazine and started to write to some ladies.

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This online dating site is also fondly named as Cherry and it is operational mainly in the Philippines; though the numerous beautiful women of other Asian countries like China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, Cambodia and Thailand have enrolled in this popular dating site as basically a free dating site, where any man or woman can join at any time, by simply filling up a form provided in this site for registration.But the free service of this site extends to only to some extent, where the free member cannot access to all the features offered by Cherry Unlike in Thailand where there are just a handful of reputable dating sites from which to choose, the Philippines has more high quality options than you can count. naval presence in the country, the people of the Philippines are actually quite open to dating foreigners.A good online dating site has a large membership base and an interface that doesn’t require a rocket scientist to figure out. If you are an English native speaker, people will be quite friendly towards you and definitely curious to find out more about your background.Fortunately, such a conversation should not be all that difficult as a large percentage of the population speaks fluent English as a second language. Having traveled to the Philippines before (Manila to be exact), I can tell you firsthand that Filipino women are some of the most beautiful in Asia.


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